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Founded as one of the first groups in the world to use informatics for the brain electrical activity analysis, the Cuban Neurosciences Center, CNEURO, is nowadays one of the Cuban Scientific Pole institutions devoted to basic and applied research as well as technology development closely related, and according to, the mental health problems of the Cuban population. CNEURO's research program addresses topics related to cognitive and social neurosciences, clinical neurophysiology, molecular biology, neuroinformatics and experimental neurosciences.
Furthermore, CNEURO designs and coordinates clinical trials involving state-of-the-art procedures and cutting-edge technology, carries out the National Clinical Neurophysiology Network, as well as educational health programs related to neurosciences.

The primary mission of the Cuban Neurosciences Center is to foster and conduct cutting-edge strategic researches in the neurosciences field using a multidisciplinary approach that advances the understanding of brain functions and diseases that affect the nervous system. Researches in our center are directed to serve the needs of the community and improve the healthcare system. CNEURO's major role is to mentor the professional development of neuroscientists and other researchers.

CNEURO is a worldwide community-oriented institution, integrated by a multi-specialty staff, focused on the development of research projects directed to the diagnosis and intervention of diseases affecting the nervous system.

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